Jogashima Photoshoot

If you have never stood on some cliffs overlooking the ocean on Christmas Day, in a bikini, when it’s 25F outside and windy as all get-out, well, then you don’t know what you’re missing in life!
In 2012, my friend, my now husband, and I headed to a local beach, Jogashima, just south of where I was living.  We had two photo shoots planned, but the weather only permitted for the first one. It was entirely too cold to continue to hang out there.

We had a great time, laughing and trying not to slip on the rocks. Rick lost a diffuser to the ocean. We all were coated with a wonderfully cold sea spray. But it was definitely a crazy, ridiculous idea.

See, it was a nice 50F at my house…and we didn’t consider the wind chill and temperature drop as we got closer to the ocean!

But hey, life is all about the stories and stupid stuff you do, right?




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