The Balcony Photoshoot

In April of 2013, my buddy who had done my Guam and Japan shoots came down to visit. So, of course this meant it was time to get in front of the camera again! It is interesting to see the progression over these last 4 years. Man was I really terrible a back then. I am still pretty bad, but oh man…

We actually did 3 separate shoots that day. One turned out so terrible that I have none of the photos anymore. The other two were fun, light hearted, and silly. I will have to keep digging around, but my shiba was still a baby, and Rick got some amazing photos of the baby shiba and his momma that day.

There are also almost no photos of my face here…because it was terrible. My facial expressions were just awful!

My hair was so pretty then though! I really need to trim the ends to get the terrible red colorant out of it and make it pretty and natural again!



This picture! OHMYGOSH! What was I thinking with the globs of blue eyeshadow over white? I look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show! Why did no one stop me?  My make-up skills have MUCH improved since then…



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