Cherry Blossom Dolphins

The second tattoo that I got was years and years after my first one…It was done in February of 2012, at Propaganda Tattoo in San Diego. It was a spur of the moment decision, but I really, really love him! Dolphins have been my favorite animal since I could breath. They are adorable, sweet, smart, kind, and just generally amazing! The artist found out I lived in Japan and had to include some cherry blossoms. Granted, I don’t think they look much like cherry blossoms, but they are pretty flowers nonetheless.




I had gone with a friend who was getting some script in Gaelic or Scottish or whatnot, and I guess I just figured, why not? I am here, I want more tattoos, and this guy’s portfolio was pretty good looking. So, on he went. This one definitely hurt more than the cross, which I didn’t really feel at all. But, overall, the pain from this one wasn’t bad. What was bad was my incredible stupid decision to get a brand new tattoo on my hip two days before I had to pull on a pair of jeans and sit on a plane for 14 hours back to Japan. That was one of the least comfortable flights of my life! I do not recommend fresh tattoos with extended travel!🙂


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