Beach Photoshoot

“In this life, there is nothing like the sound of the ocean crashing around you, watching all the truth in life as each move leaves a print behind you. There is nothing like knowing your memory is retained. But more so, there is nothing like knowing that enough strength can wash your past away.” -Me…April 2013


My photographer friend, Rick, and I would often discuss the pain of life…and how much we wished it could be washed away. He is one of the few people who knows just about everything I have been through, poor guy. He has listened to me ramble so much. I mentioned before that in April 2013, he came to visit me and we did several photoshoots. This was one of them. We drove down to Blacks Beach in San Diego and just sort of reconnected to life.




This is one of my favorite photos of me, ever. It is tranquil and beautiful. It always makes me feel strong, empowered.



We did watch as the tide came in and washed all of these footprints I made away…like I hadn’t even been there. That is when we started talking about the above quote…when I wrote it down…there is so much in my life that I  have managed to wash away…to keep others from knowing and seeing…and yet, I left the mark…I will always know it is there, even if others can’t see it.



This is actually a piece of seaweed, but I always liked it because it looks like a little baby squid and it makes me happy.





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