Powder Puff Pinups – Sunshine

In September of 2013, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Sunshine of Powder Puff Pinups. We shot at a friend’s apartment (maybe technically a condo?) in LA, and it was one of my more interesting treks to get to a shoot. Another model, (Alice Monroe) that I used to work with a lot went with me, as we both had booked shoots for the day. The address we were given was in such a bad area…and my GPS was so confused. My GPS straight drove us into a graveyard, and kept yelling at me every time I left the graveyard. None of the apartments in the area had numbers on the buildings, and the last set of numbers we saw were so far off, that it actually seemed like the address was in the middle of graveyard. Well, there was no part of my world where that was going to happen, so we pull over in front of the last building before the cemetery, because logically, that MUST be the building, right? It was, luckily…but, we had to walk through a barber shop in order to get to the stairs leading up to the condo. And it wasn’t really above anything else, it was just a couple steps to the door, because the window (behind me in the photos) was just barely above the sidewalk. It was a pretty strange, albeit interesting, set up.

We walked in and were accosted by the sweetest, kindest, most laid back photographer I have ever met. And I have met some pretty awesome photographers. I was nervous beyond belief, because I had only ever worked with Rick, and here was this published, amazing, phenomenal, professional, only job she has, travels the country and world to take pictures of people photographer.

And she hated everything I had brought! All of my clothes, my hair style, my make up. Hated it. She immediately had me wash the “crap” off my face (which I was fine with, as Alice had done my make up and I never wore make up back then)  and then spent five minutes digging through the two dozens outfits I had brought. She saw two that she sort of liked, but neither fit the vision she had for me, given my look. She straight up took off the dress she was wearing and told me to put it on. Then she braided my hair in about 3 seconds, and pulled a flower crown / headband type thing down around my forehead. She got super giddy, decided it was perfect and fit me exactly as she imagined I would be…and then she went crazy taking pictures. I think she took about 500 pictures of me that day. (Oh, and yes, she did go and put on some other clothes. She did not photograph me in her panties.) All the while she was posing me, super excited because I held poses until she told me to stop (she told me that she hates girls that watch too many model type movies and think they have to move each time they hear the camera click!), and giving me tips that I will never forget. Like, I will never forget to arch my back during a photoshoot, because she just kept saying, “pretend someone has tied a string to your butthole and they are tugging on it!”

How do you forget a person like that? She was amazing, and I always long for the chance to work with her again. Unfortunately, every time she makes it to LA, she is so booked, busy, and crazy that we haven’t been able to hook up again. So, one day I will trek out to Santa Cruz and have her make me feel like the strongest, most beautiful woman with a string tied to her butthole on the entire planet.🙂




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