Flower Tattoo

Tattoos are sort of like drugs. Seriously, you get addicted. Very, very shortly (and I mean, just a few days) after getting my cherry blossoms dolphin done, I was checking out a studio that everyone on the ship was always talking about. Technically, we weren’t allowed to get tattoos in Japan…command policy. But we all pretty much ignored that, and flooded into Black Eyes Yokosuka.


I made an appointment and had no idea what I wanted done. I knew that I wanted something on my other hip, because I hate being unbalanced. Seriously…it bothers me, a lot. So, the day came for my appointment and I had decided that I needed something else beautiful and feminine. I didn’t need deep meaning…I just needed something pretty.  So, I brought in one of my favorite photos I have ever taken, of a flower, in Hawaii.


Now, the photo of the tattoo is a few years old, so it is faded some, plus that whole pasty/ashy/winter skin kind of makes it look way less vibrant. But, 4 years later and this is still a beautiful piece, with wonderful colors. It makes me think of warm beaches and good times with one of my very best friends.


This photo was taken the same day, super fresh. 🙂


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