Stars and Butterflies Tattoos

In May(ish) of 2012, I continued my obsession and got a tattoo right my deployment started. Now, it was small, line work, all black, nothing elaborate or too painful. Actually, the tattoo didn’t hurt at all; but, it certainly made life on the ship more interesting. It is hard to take care of a tattoo while underway, especially when you work in a ridiculously hot, sweaty, busy propulsion plant. But, I managed, and it turned out alright in the end.

There is zero reason or meaning behind this tattoo. I just think it is pretty. I wanted something to dress up my sides, and I wanted something small and different…so, I went with butterflies and stars. I have gone back and forth about how I feel about this one ever since. I love it, I think it is beautiful, and I am happy about…but, it doesn’t really fit in with the theme of my chest piece…so, I am considering adding some more realistic butterflies and stars down my sides and under my turtle, doing a sort of ocean meets sky thing. But, like I said, I am very undecided about all of this. Or, I may just leave it as it is, and say forget matching!


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