Merry Boudoir Photography

In October of 2013, a friend of mine (Alice Monroe, who you will see featured here soon) and I headed up to Bodega Bay, CA and met up with a bunch of beautiful women for a mass shootfest. I actually shot 4 separate sets that weekend, but I only ever did anything with one of them. Though I am fairly certain I have the photos from two of the other three. I may have to search for them and do a short write up.

Bodega Bay was absolutely beautiful. It was dark, dismal, dreary, and exactly like you remember it from A.H.’s “The Birds”. Really creepy! But, it was so amazing to look at. Our cabin was right next to the lake, and it was cold…very, very cold…and windy…but when you were outside looking in, it was beautiful.

This event was also the first time I ever got into any amount of photography. I had a good time working with one of the models. But again, that is a whole separate post.🙂


I shot this set with Mary from Merry Boudoir Photography. She is based out of San Francisco and out of Venezuela. She did my hair, my limited make up, and actually provided the lingerie I am wearing. She didn’t like anything I had brought. (This seems to have been a recurring problem…good thing I own way better clothes now!)

Her biggest focus was always my eyes, she loved the far off looks and the not looking at the camera thing.

Mary was super, super, super sweet and fun to work with. She had some AC/DC playing, was singing along and dancing, and it was really easy to feel at ease and comfortable.

I absolutely adore these photos. I think they are so elegant and tasteful. They are a classy sexy, as opposed to in your face sexy. And I love that style. I do wish I had paid closer attention to the fact that my feet were filthy though…I hate dirty feet in photos!




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