3R Photography

1234In November of 2013, my friend Alice hooked us up with another photographer for a slightly different type of shoot. It was definitely more an edgy / gothic glamour shoot.

We met up at Griffith park and hiked up to the abandoned zoo. We (illegally) climbed over some fences and found some amazing graffiti in some of the old cages. We also found fecal matter, bottles of pee, underwear, and some old needles. So yea, there was that. But, we did find a relatively clean cage and shot some pretty cool stuff in it.

I love the look and feel the graffiti gave to this mini set. The dress I am wearing is actually from freshman / sophomore year in high school. It was my renaissance dress for my chamber choir. I loved it, and would wear it everywhere if it wasn’t so darn hot.




This look was more daring and fun for me. With some regular leggings and a cosmic corset style top, it was more bold than I usually go. But I think it worked really well with how dark the cells were.




This one right here is one of favorite photos. I love the way the background got lit up without totally washing me out.🙂




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