Starfish Tattoo

In May of 2014, not long after getting my fantastic turtle done by Monte , it was time for something new. So, it was decided that my turtle needed a friend. I have always been fascinated by starfish. They are so colorful and beautiful. They can survive almost anything. Plush, they are squishy and my favorite part of touch tanks!

So, I set up an appointment and went to see Monte again. He was excited to get another ocean piece, and we had a blast picking out colors from his immensely well organized color rack. He wanted to stay as far away from “traditional starfish” colors as possible, since they can run such a full spectrum. So, blues and purples it was!

Unfortunately, I need to go get this guy touched up and repaired. I got a pretty deep scratch playing with my entirely too big of a puppy and it scarred…so part of one of the starfish legs is missing some ink. I say all the time I am going to schedule to have him fixed (and to add more to chest…maybe a jellyfish…), but have so far not actually made an appointment. :-:







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