Checking In

It has been cold and rainy out here! Flooding, road closures, fences collapsing, trees collapsing, total chaos. So, my life has mostly consisted of staying inside and trying to avoid becoming water logged.

However, on Saturday morning, it was absolutely gorgeous! So, we took the kids out to IHOP and enjoyed some sunshine. The rest of the day actually consisted of binge watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, and watching the animals get to spend some time outside without being drenched.

By the way, ASoUE was fantastic. Very good…and I am really sad at the thought of having to wait a year for the next installment! Ugh! But, NPH was the perfect Olaf. So good!!

Sunday, my husband and the oldest headed to see Jason about starting his back piece. The younger one and I headed to JoAnn Fabrics and bought a ton of fabric. Then, we headed home, ate some pizza, watched some musicals, and I cut out several skirts. I will get to sewing like mad a little later this week. I have 1.2 shawls to finish crocheting first.


Checking in with resolutions…I have been horrendously sick, and really not getting any better. So, I have not been working out 3x a week. I’ve gotten to it about 1x a week for the last couple of weeks. And, I have some appointments coming up, so hopefully they figure out what is going on with me here shortly.

Focusing on me and mine…I am doing better than I thought I would. I have had a couple of bad days, but in comparison to most of last year, I feel like a totally different person.

Debt…I got a smokin’ offer from my bank on a card I already had paid off, 0% balance transfer fee, 2.99% interest on the balance transfer for 13 months. So, I transferred the highest interest cards to that one, and at least it will help save money on interest for the next year. Additionally, we did take out a debt consolidation loan for other cards, and the interest on the loan is about 2% lower than the interest on the cards. So, that should make a difference in how well we do with that. It’s weird being a grown up.





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