Old Photos

Man oh man, as I go through these old photo shoots and tattoo photos, it is really blowing my mind! There is nothing quite like looking at a 2 year old picture of yourself to notice every bit of toning you’ve lost, every bit of weight you’ve gained, every new wrinkle, and every gray hair!

It is amazing to me to see how much I have aged in the last couple of year! Just looking at the photos from my set with TNT Photography is so crazy! I look 10 years younger in those pictures, not 2!

Never has my resolve to get my nice, flat, wonderful tummy back…and some tone back in those thighs!


Actually, my resolve was that high a couple months ago, when a certain tattoo artist gripped my *gulp* love handle, (not in a dirty way, perverts) and I had this sudden, terrible, horrendous thought of WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM!?! I DON’T HAVE LOVE HANDLES!! But, I do…so…yea…back to those physioball crunches it is!


~Disclaimer~ Women are beautiful with curves, with love handles, and when bigger. I am all about toning and looking fit. However, I am also all about cheesecake and potato chips. So, I figure, the more tone I have, the more cheesecake I can eat and not feel badly.


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