Too Cold to Ride

In case you’ve never met me, let me tell you an important fact about myself…I am a huge pansy when it comes to the cold. Seriously. If it is less than 75F outside, I am probably wearing at least a light jacket. And if it is less than 65F, I am complaining about how I am freezing. I hate the cold. With every fiber of my being. I have poor circulation (and as it turns out, a myriad of other health conditions) and am constantly freezing.

So, this last weekend, I made a very dumb decision. My husband and I were heading to Vegas to shoot with the amazing Jess W, and I said, “Hey! Why don’t we take the motorcycle?! It will save us so much time with traffic!”

We looked at the weather, it was supposed to be in the mid 70s at home and in the mid 60s in Vegas. So, we were like, great riding weather! Let’s do this!

So, we bundled up (leggings, thermal tops, winter riding jacket with liner, winter gloves…you know…) and then we stopped 3 separate times because I was so cold! Even my husband said it was so cold that his hands were starting to hurt…and we are talking about a man who walked the dogs in boots, shorts, and topless when it was 9F and snowing out over Christmas…the cold doesn’t bother him much. We had totally forgotten about the 30F temperature drop once you reach the high desert…it was 30F  at one point, with snow on the ground around us. Not my happiest moment in life.

But, we made it safely, had a great time…and the ride back was much better. It got a little cold around Barstow, but the main part of the desert, the sun was still out and it stuck around the 50s.

Oh! But the winds!! The last few miles coming home were terrifying! We had wind gusts up over 65mph…there were a couple of times where we both thought we were going down, the wind hit us so hard that the bike was leaning, you know, like a really sharp turn. I mean, it was windy near home when we left, but it was steady and he could compensate…but coming home…it was definitely an adrenaline inducing ride.

Actually, it is still windy as all get out near the house…so it is looking like my husband will not be picking up the younger one from school on the bike tomorrow.





∗∗Disclaimer, this is not my husband in the background…it is random homie at a Jack in the Box….he stared at us…it was awkward.∗∗



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