Karma Kreations (Outdoors)

In February of 2015, I was privileged enough to work with Karma Kreations twice. The first time was an elegant, boudoir type shoot. This second time was a much more natural, fun, me type of shoot. Which is actually really funny, because everyone always tells met that these photos are some of their favorites, as it is the most “real” to them. I get a good kick out of that, because I do not run. Ever. Not even if I am being chased. I have a fairly bad knee injury, and walking hurts most days. I certainly do not run. I used to run, a lot, but I seriously hurt my knee in June of 2012, then seriously re-injured it in September of 2012…so yea…I no longer run.

Karen was great at this shoot. She was coming up with poses, jogging along the trail to keep up, rolling around in the dirt, and she even saved me from a spider! We had a great time…then I went back home and was totally unprepared to shoot with Luis, but I already touched on that. 🙂

I did love these photos though. The area was so beautiful, the lighting was just perfect. I always wanted to submit them to Under Armour. I thought they would make great ad shots, in my UA shirt, shorts, and shoes. 🙂 I am a huge fan of their gear.

Actually, let’s talk about UA for a second. Their gear is some of the most comfortable work out gear that I have found. When I was in the Navy, I spent a lot of time working out, especially my last deployment. The tops are great for flexibility, warmth, and for keeping you from sweating through and turning your tank top transparent. The spandex shorts I am wearing are pretty standard, great for flexibility, great for running. Not great for cycling. They have very little padding or substance, so bike seats just dig into your rump. However, UA makes some awesome biker shorts with a padded bottom.

The shoes though…I was devastated when they stopped carrying these particular shoes. I owned 4 pairs of these over the times, and I loved them. They are slightly padded, which is great considering how high my arches are, but they breathe, so your foot doesn’t feel sweaty and stinky. They had some awesome spring, and actually were great runner’s shoes. I used them a lot when hiking and cycling as well. However, these particular shoes I can no longer find on their website. But, I have heard good things about the new Gemini shoe they released. I will have to give those a try next.

My bra is a pretty standard Victoria’s Secret sports bra. It clasps in the back, has a cool criss-cross, and the color is a lot of fun. I have a few in different colors, all bright and obnoxious. My boobs are pretty small, so I can easily say that these bras do a good job keeping them from bouncing around, but if you are better endowed than me (and let’s face it, who isn’t?!), your experience may be different. I can tell you that from the cut, I would think they would be good for a large range of busts.




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