Rockabilly Villians

This last weekend was a total blast. Saturday was spent cleaning, crocheting, sewing, and watching Netflix. On Saturday night, we took the kids to see A Dog’s Purpose. (Which will make you cry, and is really very good.) But, it was an excuse for me to get out of yoga pants and into something fun.

I felt like a total rockabilly diva that night. I am rocking leggings from VegasPinups, then the haku boots, carole top, MAK cropped sweater, and hair scarf all from PUG. My earrings are from Luxulite.

These leggings are some of the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. They are super thick, so they work as pants, but they are stretchy, warm, comfortable, and I could live in the them all the time.

This top though…the carole top is officially my favorite top from PUG. I have 3, and am anxiously awaiting the new one to be released. It is form fitting, comfortable, sexy, and just a great vibe and look in general. It actually gives me a decent looking chest, which is laughable, because I have pretty much no boobs. I will say, if you are on the fence for sizes, size up. There is no stretch, no give at all in this top.

My earrings are fabulous. I own about 30 pairs of Luxulite earrings, and they are all just fantastic. Well made, great designs, fun, and much lighter than they appear.




Sunday was Villians Day at Disneyland. So, my husband and I went as the male/female versions of Jack Skellington, because he definitely a villain, no matter what you think. He orders the kidnapping of Sandy Claws and the Easter Bunny. Villian! You can’t tell in the photo, because we forgot to get one during the daylight, but my husband is wearing some black pants with white pinstripes. My outfit is yet another PUG masterpiece. Victorian Striped pencil skirt (much stretchier than I had imagined it would be), lace up bodysuit, cocktail fascinator, kitty cat flats, and a long faux fur lined swing jacket.


This jacket is everything, by the way. Super warm, super soft, and very elegant. My kitty cat flats were fabulous to wear and walk in all day. I almost never wear flats, and I hate to wear shoes without socks. But, these worked, they fit, and I didn’t feel like I was sweating the entire time. Oh! I also rocked some regular black leggings because it was cold…and I don’t do cold.




This final photo is the last Villians Day meet up. We didn’t get to the morning meet ups due to church, but we did make the evening one, and had a good time talking and hanging out in California Adventure.


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