Homicidal Mickey

This Mickey Mouse tattoo is actually a big joke in my house. It was, until recently, my one piece of flash and it is also a matching set with my husband. Our tattoo lounge had announced a Friday the 13th special, $13 and $31 tattoos, from a set of tattoos. I had, jokingly, told my husband that he should go after work and get the Jason Mickey Mouse, and we could totally get matching tattoos. Apparently, he thought I was serious. So, he headed off and got said tattoo. I remember getting a picture of it while I was at work. I laughed, and laughed…and made good on the promise. I headed there the next morning, as the artist had kindly agreed to extend the special for us, and voila! Matching messed up Mickey Mouses on our calves!

I love it now though. It is so funny walking around places like Disneyland, because I totally forget it is there…and you only get two reactions. People either love it, absolutely adore it, especially cast members. Or, sanctimommies think I am a terrible influence, a Satan worshipping, and am greatly disturbing, disrupting, and damaging their children. Hey lady, if your kid knows who Jason is, that’s your problem. I just have Mickey Mouse in a Halloween costume. 🙂

Last year, when discussing the importance of some of my tattoos, someone asked me for the significance of this one. I didn’t want to go all into the story, so I told them that it is a reminder that anyone is capable of anything. They thought it was pure genius. So, now that is what I go with when asked. 😀




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