In June of 2014, I made another trip to see the very talented Monte Livingston. I needed balance on my chest; no more lopsided ink for me.

So, Monte drew up and put a beautiful seahorse opposite my starfish. Not directly opposite, as that wouldn’t seem natural. But, she turned out beautifully, and brought the piece together.

He worked an opposite color scheme of the starfish, to add more vibrancy to the piece. And it is a really beautiful addition.





We actually recently discussed doing some more on my chest. I want to finish it, add more creatures, some background, do something stunning. I have just been really focused on my back; and with the shop now being so far away from where I live (I moved, not the shop), it makes it harder to get down there…plus, I work the same hours these guys do…except for the weekends. The downside to working with amazing artists all the time, they are really busy all the time~!




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