Stung Photo – Glamour

Back on May 10, 2015, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Stung Photo. Odir is easily one of my absolute favorite photographers. He is very easy to be around, and he is hilarious. He has no problem doing poses and facial expressions as examples, cracking jokes, playing Slipknot, and generally just making it a very fun experience. Unfortunately, I have only worked with him twice because every time he is in Southern California, I am not. But, this set is one of my favorites, despite my total lack of make up and hair styling.

Actually, I think the lack of make up and hairstyling is one of the many reasons that I love this set. It is very, very me. It is raw, natural, sweet, and displays an incredible lack of preparation  on my part. 🙂

This was shot at a hotel in Anaheim, near OC Wonderland. I couldn’t get in with him to shoot at Wonderland (this time), but did snag a spot the next day at his hotel. His wife assisted with pose coaching, and my husband and kid actually hung out in the living room area of the hotel.

My skirt is made from a vintage curtain, and I absolutely love this skirt. My top is a bathing suit top from Victoria’s Secret. And my shoes are a really, really old purchase (2005 maybe?) from Fredericks of Hollywood; and I still wear them all the time…I think I recently shot in them actually.



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