Powder Puff Pinups – Alissa

In April of 2015, my (then fiancée) husband and I took a ride out to Palm Springs to work with the very talented Alissa Brunelli of Powder Puff Pinups. This was my second time working with one of these badass ladies (the first was Sunshine), and it was set to be an exciting day.

We had originally planned on doing an early morning, sunrise shoot, out at the mountains. However, one thing turned into another and Alissa and I ended up gabbing entirely too much, and we didn’t get started even close to on time.

This shoot was different for me, as it was the first time I had my make up professionally done, and one of only a couple of times I had even worn make up in a shoot.

Alissa was a lot of fun to work with, non stop talking and laughing. We hiked, me in heels, through all sorts of prickly things, I got sunburned, it as a glorious morning. Oh, and Alissa stepped on something and ended up having to soak her foot to try to get it out when we got back to her hotel. It was definitely a day that sticks out in my mind.


My dress is actually made from an old Snoopy bed-sheet. I have several that are similar with different prints. And I was actually sporting a Snoopy bra that I purchased while living in Japan.

My hair had started as a pretty, relatively straight style, but between the wind and heat, it sort of did it’s own thing. That is the one thing I can count on my hair for, to always just do whatever it wants. 🙂




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