This blog is all about female reproductive stuff and pregnancy. If you are squimish and grossed out by girly things, you should probably move on to a different post…


So, I had my hysteroscopy and polypectomy about a month ago. And what was supposed to be a very minor, 15 minute surgery that had less than a day recovery time turned into a two hour surgery that needed several days recovery, but of course, I still only had my one day.

The polyp removal was easy, no problems, no issues, tiny little guy that meant nothing. But, the doctor did discover a slight abnormally in the shape of my uterus. He says that it wasn’t a fully T-shaped uterus, but it was not a normal shaped cavity either. That is was somewhere in between. So, what he did was remove portions of muscle causing the deformity in order to reshape my uterine cavity. Then, he put me on a very high dose of estrogen (he said approximately 3x what I would be on for hormone replacement) to try and grow back my endometrial layer before the muscle tried to regenerate.

So, needless to say, my life has been a roller coaster of emotions this last month.




But, before anyone gets their hopes up, don’t waste the effort. He told me that the uterine deformity would count for late term miscarriages, generally after 15 weeks, as the baby wouldn’t have the room to grow. However, it didn’t have anything to do with the early term miscarriages I am having. He said the polyp is “possible” to be an issue, but very unlikely. If it was just one, that would make sense, but the chances of multiple pregnancies trying to attach to the uterine wall in the exact same spot is pretty slim to none.

He used the phrase, “cautiously optimistic.” He said that multiple miscarriages, when not caused by genetic issues, are not fully understood yet. And that while this most likely is not causing them, fixing it could also fix the problem. Basically, anything that we can do to try to make my uterus as perfect for a baby as possible…and that finding this now was actually a good thing, because it likely would have caused a very late term loss if we managed to make it that far, which would be much more difficult to deal with, emotionally and physically.

My husband is optimistic. I am not. I don’t really do the optimism thing. I would rather be pleasantly surprised than sorely disappointed. I am at the point that I just want to have my tubes tied. My husband wants to keep trying to have a baby. I just don’t know how many more losses I can deal with before I cease to function at all.


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