Never Too Much

There is so much crazy in my house right now. All four of us are in school. All four of us. It is absolutely insane.

The younger one just started 6th grade.
The older one is starting her second year of college, working on an Associates in Early Childhood Education, with an end goal of completing a Sonogram Technician program.
The husband is working on his Bachelor’s in Nursing, with an end goal of getting his Physician Assistant license.
And I am working on my Bachelor’s in Social Work, along with my Associates in Sign Language Interpreting. With an end goal of completing my Masters of Social Work.

I am still working about 45 hours a week.
Hubs found a part time job, about 9 hours a week. But, it covers the medicine we need for our dog, so that’s amazing.
The older kid just applied for her first job, has her first interview here shortly.

Everything is absolutely crazy! Plus, it is the busy season for my business , so there is that too.

So, if I totally disappear, it is likely because the overwhelming stress of life as we know it crushed me into a tiny little streak on the pavement!



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