2017 in Retrospect

I realized that the main reason I don’t post here a lot is because of my layout. I don’t always have a photo to go along with the blog, and the layout looks funny without a photo. So, maybe I will just have to work on changing that.

2017 was sort of a mess and a nightmare. We dealt with all of the medical stuff at the beginning of the year, my husband was laid off about halfway through the year, and then I returned to school full time in September, on top of working and making a very vain, horrific attempt at running and promoting a business.

So, let’s take a look at those fantastic “goals” I set, and failed at this year.

Get back to working out 3x a week.
This totally didn’t happen. I was doing well, then the doctors stuff happened, then my knee got a lot worse, then I got busy, then my knee got even worse…I have been in physical therapy for a few months now, and I am working out more regularly, because I have to, but overall…this year was a huge bust for me, health and appearance-wise. I actually gained approximately 15lbs this year, and am really struggling with it. I am not a big fan of my clothes not fitting, and I cannot afford to replace my wardrobe with the next size up.

Worry a little less about others and a whole lot more about my family.
This actually went pretty well. I had a small set-back with thetrue intention of this goal…but it only lasted a couple of weeks, I pulled myself out of it, and I made it the rest of the year…it is still a struggle. I am actually amazed at what a struggle it is, but my will power is getting better.

Finish my back, so that poor Jason can be done with me.

I didn’t make much progress this year due to the layoff. We just couldn’t afford much work. Plus, I was working on the laser treatments for my shoulder, which was time consuming, since I had 4 treatments that had to be a minimum of 6 weeks apart. But, I have an appointment in a couple of weeks and should only need a few more!

Get back to my chest, so that Monte can stop twitching every time he sees my turtle.
We actually spoke about this last month. We are making some plans, and are excited to get back to work.

Get published at least 3 times.
Once. I also had a set that was supposed to be submitted, but the photographer never did. That entire experience was less than glorious. I also have two sets that were submitted but never heard back on. Ehh. Whatevs. It actually very quickly became my lowest priority.

Work down the debt at least 20% on the vehicles and credit cards.
This is actually an interesting situation. Between losing a pretty good, full time income, some massive vet bills for our dog, plus refinancing the house in Phoenix (which increased what we owed due to it starting the 30yr period all over, but lowered our mortgage payments and gave us a FIXED interest rate), our financial situation isn’t a whole lot better. But, it isn’t worse. So, I am going to count that as a win.
We are currently at 98% of what we were in January 2017 for credit card debt.
We are currently at 81% of what we were in January 2017 for the vehicle debt.
We are currently at 97% of what we were in January 2017 for the mortgage debt.


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