2018, Still A Bitch

Last year, I set my sights super high. I don’t know why. I guess it was a faulted view of “shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars…” except I know how space works and it isn’t like that.

This is the time of year that everyone gets all nostalgic and sappy and “I am going to be a better person.” on everyone. I have no desire to be a better person. I am quite happy with the bitch that I currently am.

So, let’s look at some grand plans for 2018.

Get back to working out 3x a week. This was the goal last year. I sucked at it. Hubs and I have already talked about the waste of a gym membership, my physical therapy, and what we need to do. I put on 15lbs last year, it needs to come back off, and truly, I need to start re-toning so that I can hopefully avoid knee surgery for another 5 years. So, the plan is to be in the gym twice a week, and work out at home once or twice a week.

Finish my back, so that poor Jason can be done with me. Hey look! Another recycled goal!

Get back to my chest, so that Monte can stop twitching every time he sees my turtle.
And another recycled goal!

Work down the debt at least 20%. We have a good plan for this. We are doing really well with sticking to our plan, now that the finances are finally figured out. So, hopefully we can actually achieve this, and possibly more.

Date nights! The goal is one date night a month. No kids. No school. No stress. No nothing. We are really bad at this, especially lately. Between him working retail, so most weekends, homework, papers, my health, and the business, we don’t do date nights anymore. We spend very little time without one or both of the kids in the same room, and this year that needs to change. I guess the real goal here is that I need to make my marriage more of a priority in my life.

Maintain at least a 3.80 GPA to be competitive for the impacted program I want to apply to. My goal should be to complete both my AA in Sociology and in Psychology by the end of the year, but I don’t actually think I will because of how limited I am on time. After spring semester, I will likely only be able to pick up a class here or there because I have so few left…and I want to have all of these lower level classes completed before transferring into the BA program I want. Because both BA programs I want are impacted (more applicants than they can take), the more classes I have completed, the higher my GPA, the more likely I am to get in…and if I can’t get into these BA programs, then the entire plan becomes a mess…because I really need these undergrad classes for the end-goal master’s program.


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